Tracy Richardson: Machine Gun for Hire

“Wherever the cannon booms and the rifles bark, this American boy, who embodies in real life the type of moving picture hero one reads about but never sees, is pretty sure to turn up sooner or later — and it is generally sooner. Along the Rio Grande he is known by thousands of the adventurous souls who populate that picturesque and very troublesome stretch of territory. From Brownsville to Nogales there is not a dugout or an adobe hut that does not know him.”

New York Times on Tracy Richardson, 1915


Tracy Richardson Soldier of Fortune

“Richardson, working his weapon, a French-made Hotchkiss, firing 8mm cartridges from metal trips carrying 30 rounds each. This photo taken during the Bonilla revolt in Honduras in 1910 (from Liberty Magazine, Oct. 10, 1925)

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